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BEWARE!!! BE PREPARED TO LOSE YOUR PROPERTY!!! AVOID!!! I opened my account and was approved …so, I ordered two items from Ebay and sent them to my new address at ReShip. Then within days…my account was closed! Now, my packages are on the way and they be won”t be sent to me they are in limbo. I called and asked what I needed to do to get my packages and was told I needed to reactivate my account. But to do so ReShip needed a photocopy of credit card (both sides) passport copy, photo ID and a copy of a bill showing my address. A little too much personal information to me. No thanks! So, I was told by the employee on the phone they could send the packages back to the original seller for free but the I need Pre Paid Return Shipping Labels, which I can”t get here in Taiwan. Then in an email inquiry, Kate (which I have read about in earlier posts) said they will NOT ship them back free. This is not my fault and they wont take responsibility for my shipping fees that I will be losing. This sure feels like my merchandise is being held hostage. Perhaps it”s time to contact my attorney general and the BBB. AVOID this company!!! UPDATE I: Still no assistance getting my property back! They approved me, then disapproved me and won”t return my package. I”m trying my best to get my property back and now they say after 60 days my property is considered “abandoned” by their representative, Kate. They are NOT helping me…just sending emails that basically say the same thing. AVOID!!!

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