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This company guaranteed sale or rental of my Timeshare within 3 months. If not in 3 months they would extend for another 3 months. The charge was over $400 for that. The Timeshare was never rented. I have dropped the price from $31000 to $17770 and have heard nothing. We signed in 8/2008. According to my calculation the 1st 3 months have come to an end. The 2nd 3 months should be done 2/2009. However I have a new agent and would like to list it with them. What I need to know is when is my contract done, now or am I obligated to wait until February? Also if they guaranteed rent or sale don’t they have to reimburse me because they didn’t rent or sell it? nMaryannnEgg Harbor, New JerseyU.S.A.

1700 S Ridgewood Ave South Daytona, Florida U.S.A.



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