Rep Digger – Rep digger’s reviews are not real

I had just started a company, so I checked Repdigger to see if there was any information about my business on there. I had a great score on other sites, I expected it to be good on Rep Digger as well because I was so new. | To my surprise, my score was low. I wanted to know how my score got to be so low. I contacted the website and the owners of the site. My emails bounced back. I compared BBB to Rep Digger. The reviews for all the sites listed on both were significantly lower for the businesses with five stars. It did not make much sense. Especially mine, I did not have any reviews yet. | I am not sure why anyone would want to sabotage my business at such an early stage. I am certain that Rep Digger is a site with fake information. I am hoping I can have it taken down.

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