Do not order anythi9ng form this scamming company.I put in an order for an External Disk Drive priced at $132.99 and received confirmation of my order on 10/24/2019:"New Message Received NotificationYou have received a new message in your inbox on RentProductsOnline.Message details:Sender: RPOSalesTitle: Payment ReceivedMessage:We received your payment and applied to your order. You will receive an e-mail notification for the shipping tracking info once your order shipped.Best Regards,"On 10/30/2019, I wrote to them asking where my email was with the tracking ID to which they replied:"Dear Sir,Thank you for contacting RPO. Your order has not been shipped yet. Your order will be delivered between November 07 and November 23, 2019. You will also receive an e-mail notification for the shipping tracking info once your order shipped.Best Regards,"On 11/7/2019 I asked again, "When are you going to ship my product?" to which they replied on that I should receive an email containing the tracking ID of my product shipment once it ships somewhere between 11/13/2019 and 11/23/2019 On 11/13/2019 I sent another email asking where is my product. They replied that I would receive a tracking ID by email once the product shipped. That message was later deleted from their website and I neglected to make a copy of that email message. On 11/23/2019, after their time period had expired, I wrote the company via their website and asked for a refund. Today, 11/24/2019, that message has also been deleted from their website and again I failed to make a copy of that correspondence. Funny, recalled that I forgot to make that copy after going to bed last 11/23/2019 night and figured that I would make that copy first thing this morning 11/24/2019. But, today, 11/24, I find it has also been deleted from their website. After seeing that it was deleted, I decided to write to the for assistance in getting my money back. I am going to ask again now and see what happens. Here is what I wrote today 11/24/2019:"Thanks for deleting my message from last night asking for a refund. Again, I demand a refund! So, now that you have failed to ship my order, I am writing the and filing an FBI IC3 report about your fraudulent/scamming activities as I promised I would."Based upon internet traffic, I believe they are taking people’s money, putting it in their bank to gain interest on the money from all their orders. They then continually apply delaying tactics to get as much interest money as they can from the orders of all the people that fall for their scam like me.I also saw on the internet that once the gets involved that they will reply to a refund request stating that a refund check would be issued and that it should arrive within 3 to 5 days. They then reply that the refund check has been issued and that It should arrive in 3 to 5 days. Another delaying tactic. After people wait the 5 days and ask again they again reply that they will have to cancel their check and reissue a new one once it clears from their bank. Yet another delaying act. People then wait another week until their 3 to 5 days are up and ask where is their refund check and that they will then actually issue another check-in 3 to 5 days that is actually received by people and is cashable. The then closes the complaint.

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