Rent A Center urbana Ohio Review


While at one point this store was decent to deal with unforesceen circumstances came up and true colors shined though. The tactics of the store have shown to fall under harrassment and border line breaking an entering. The store manager will swear at young children and swear at her customers while on their property. She threatens acts of violence and jail while children are in hearing distance. She also will check to see if a door is unlocked and will open it with out asking or an adult at the door. The entire store will use personal cell phones for business and make agreements via text messaging but never relay the message then deny it ever happen to gain advantages over the customers. I highly recommend that consumers avoid this store. From what I have read it seems the company as a whole needs avoided. Holly Johnson store manager and her employees have no compassion for people or ethics past what RAC has taught them and that doesn’t say much.

215 Lippencott Lane urbana, Ohio United States of America


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By Ronald

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