Rent-A-Center monticello New York Review


Early October 2010 I went to the local Rent-A-Center in Monticello Ny I placed a new Ashley living room set on order the sales woman informed me that it would take 2-3 weeks before the living room set was delivered to the store i had no problem with that because of the fact that i wasnt fully moved in my apartment yet. Two weeks later i went back into the store and opened a rental agreement on a used Ashley Bedroom set. The bedroom set was delivered three days later without a problem. Two weeks after that i called the rent a center to see if my living room set was in & it was. I had arranged for the living room set to be delivered the following week. When the furniture was delivered it was wrapped in plastic wrap & i asked the delivered men to please leave the wrapping on because of the fact i wasnt fully moved in they agreed and left. Mid-November i was ready to move in and my husband and i removed the plastic wrapping from the sofas not a second later i went to sit down and realized the love seat was broken the next day i called rent-a-center and asked if someone can please come out and take a look at my sofa the man on the phone said he would send someone out the next day. The next day came and went and there was no sign of rent-a-center. The following day i called them back and the man apologized and told me they were very busy and they would send someone out within the next 2 days again i had no problem with it. A Weeks went by and still no sign of rent-a-center. That Tuesday the payment was due and i had no problem with making the payment again i asked for someone to please come and at least look at the sofa the man said yes yes yes we will send someone over. Again still nothing i got fed up and called the 1800 number and reported them that same day they sent someone out. The man who came to my house said yes the sofa was broken and he was going to put a replacement on order and that would that the most 2 weeks to arrive. To make a long story short a month had gone by and still no replacement please note that within the month very tuesday i’ve been making payments on the bedroom set. I refused to pay for the sofa until they made the repairs. I made a few arragments for them to come pick up the furniture and they never came. A few days ago i received a letter from them threatening to take legal action against me because i had not returned the furniture NOT ONCE DID I NOT ALLOW THEM TO PICK UP THIER FURNITURE. I called the 1800 once again and they told me they would take care of this. Yesterday morning rent a center calls my house this is when the Manger Tom refuses to give me the replacement and demands that i give him back all his furniture including the bedroom set that ive been paying for. I got upset and told them to come pick up the furniture that i was placing it in the drive way that i did not want to deal with the company anymore he then hung up on me. My family and i took out all the furniture and placed it in my drive way. 30 Mins later rent-a-center knocks on my door asking for the furniture i told them that it was in the drive way they told me it wasn’t i feel in my heart that they loaded the furniture onto the truck but on orders from TOM they had to come and harrass me some more. I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THE STRESS.

monticello, New York United States of America

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