Rent a Center Bethesda Maryland Review


I’m on my fourth (yes, fourth) account with this particular RAC. Loved the previous managers which is why I stuck around. This new crop is amazingly incompetent! I’m not one to denigrate people but most of these cats need to go back to customer care training. They’re really buying into the erroneous assumption that folks who use Rent a center don’t have many other options. This one idiot kept repeating “this is business”” and tried to lecture me! I’m off to Aarons. they have better prices

much better customer care and their monthly pay structure is much more user friendly. If RAC head honcho’s are reading this I’m pretty sure y’all don’t give a d**n because revenue must be pretty good right now. but mark my words

bad news travels fast and at some point more and more people will realize that u guys suck big time. Aarons will pick up all the business and we’ll all be on the bread line together. get your acts together and for gods sake hire intelligent people. oh yes

my infraction was i was late a few times. s**t happens. 3 accounts paid off doesn’t seem to matter. a total “”what have u done for me lately?”” mentality. in a few years y’all will need janet jackson to back y’all financially because if u continue treating u’r customers like lowlife’s u will go out of business.”

Briggs Chaney shopping center Silver Spring, Maryland United States of America

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