Renee Spencer Bell Henderson, Tennessee Tennessee


Well me and my boyfriend have been together four years faithfully, or so I thought. I always had my suspicions about this woman because he would text her everyday and sit at her house for hours just talking. He says he was just friends, because the reason I found out he went over there was to do drugs, get drugs whatever. I thought he was hanging out with her son thats also my boyfriends AGE!! She is 42 and a drug addict. || Well, we had a baby moved and he didn’t see or talk to her anymore, that’s what he told me anyways. We move back to Henderson in august and I see her number on his phone. I ask him he lies of course then one night he comes home from “school” acting high and different. I ask him if he is fucked up he says no he just stressed about school so I believe him and the same night I want to make love he’s acting really different. He finally tells a month later, that he went over to her house in sweet lips that she shared with her husband at the time. She told him I will give you a bunch of drugs just come hang out…. Well he explains that he was high and before he knew what happened they were in the bedroom and had sex for a hour!!! Then he comes home to me lets me give him a blowjob after he had sex with this nasty old women whose been with a million men and has sex with me!!!! || He says it was just mistake!!!! I am so angry he would do this to us when have put up with his bum ass not working drug use and jail time etc…and i have taken care of our son from day when he wouldn’t and provided a roof over our heads!!!

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By Ronald

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