Renee Rapee Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Long story short…I first met Christopher in early 2000. In April 2011 we became engaged. We had good times and bad but we always made it through and our bond seemed unbreakable. || We ended up running into a friend from many years ago. He was with a girl named Renee Rapee and had been for four years. It was nice having another couple to do things with….one day I got an uneasy feeling something was going on between Chris and Renee. I confronted Chris who denied cheating. He told me I was crazy he wouldn’t betray our friend or myself. The bitch seemed nice and I just didn’t know what to think…until I found the hard evidence that proved they were sleeping together. This bitch who seemed fairly decent…showed what a disgusting whore she truly is. This ugly duck acted like I was the one ruining their relationship! When I called her a whore she replied and I quote” I prefer slut, whores get paid”! || My relationship is over. She is sleeping with her man of four years and the lame I almost married..She is disgusting and has no class. Damn she is one ugly duck inside and out! RENEE RAPEE IS A HOME WRECKING WHORE!

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By Ronald

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