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I caught my husband cheated on me with this woman Summer of last year. We were having a couple ups and downs and trying to work through things. We were trying for a baby and having issues with keeping a viable pregnancy. It was very stressful on me. After things kept going downhill with our relationship I got suspicious and checked his e-mail. There were hundreds of messages between them that had been going on for quite some time. They were all sent during his working hours. Reading through the messages I found out what a horror my husband really was. || They talked about how relieved they were when I lost my last pregnancy. He said he never wanted kids anyway. She kept encouraging him to leave me for her so he wouldn’t have to worry about having kids. She is in her 40s (I was 29 at the time, he 30) and already has children, doesn’t want anymore. I felt so betrayed. So disgusted that these people were taking lightly of my inability to carry a child, my anguish. I was supposed to be trusting this man with my heart. Now he was just a stranger. This woman knew of my heartache and insisted on my husband leaving me alone. || I had plans to go visit my family the next weekend in a different state and they were planning on meeting up at OUR house for drinks and to hook up. Trying my absolute best not to lose myself I made a plan to catch them in the act. I went out and bought nanny cams that I could use with my phone. I set them up while he was at work in disguised places. Trying to make it through the next week was awful. I wanted so bad to let him know that I knew, I wanted him out. I wanted my revenge though. Not wearing my emotions wasn’t an easy task. || I was packing up my car getting ready to”leave” to my family. He claimed he had to work and couldn’t get out of it so that’s why he was staying behind. I checked his e-mail one last time before he woke up and saw her message”Can’t wait to fuck you in her bed later.” to him. Biting my lip and trying to hold back the tears I shut the laptop and went to kiss him good-bye and said I will see him on Sunday. || I told a friend about what was going on and her place is where I actually drove to. So I waited for her arrival at my house. I watched her walk into my living room and sit on my couch. I watched him pour her a glass of wine FROM OUR WEDDING. They made out and I watched him feel her up and take off her underwear. I was an absolute mess. || They then proceeded to walk back to the bedroom. I decided now was the time to go back home. I parked my car a block away so he wouldn’t hear me pull up. Our kitchen door is usually locked but I happened to unlock it before I left so I could have a quiet entrance to our house. He never messed with that door and I knew he wouldn’t check to see if it was locked or not. I quietly came inside and instantly heard her laughter and my husbands voice together. I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me with this woman. My heart was pounding so hard. I quietly grabbed the pitcher of water from the fridge and took off the lid. I grabbed the container of flour on the counter. I made my way into the hallway and by now they were full on having sex in my bed. || I took a deep breath and walked into the room shouting”HOW COULD YOU??” and I poured the water all over them and covered them in flour. She started screaming and asked What the fuck and he just sat there covering himself up, cold and embarrassed and said”You were supposed to be gone!” || I yelled that I read his e-mails and I knew about this whole thing and I couldn’t believe what they said about me and my pregnancy issues and how dare he and her. She had the audacity to tell me that I was a worthless woman because I couldn’t carry children and that he never wanted them anyway and he’s going to leave me for her because she’s a real woman. I could have killed her. This white-trash looking woman in my bed with my husband. I told her to get the fuck out of my house. I picked up her clothes and threw them at her. She’s wet and covered in flour. Needless to say my husband and I fought for a very long time and I told him to get out. I filed for divorce that Monday. I’m proud of my ability to stay calm and not murder my husband or this woman. I am glad I found out before we ever did have children if I was ever able to.

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