Renata Andrade de Olivera Alabama Alabama


This just another messed up story…My husband and I got married in Virginia after being together two years. My family loved him in fact my mother still thinks he’s a good guy. He is originally from Brazil so we went through all the struggles of getting his green card. I supported him most of the marriage. He left to go to work in Alabama in fact I talked to him the whole way there. I thought he was going there to make money for our family, little did I know he was going to be with a girl from Brazil who goes to the University of Alabama. He called me the next day on my way to a job interview to say he didn’t love me no more…wtf… you couldn’t tell me in person..I held it together for the job interview…Then he said he wanted me to help him get his citizenship …hell no… || I feel like it was all a hoax of marriage. I did not even see it coming..I spoke to the girl and she said our marriage is just a piece of paper. Currently they are engaged wtf he’s not even divorced yet ..This year we would have been married 6 yrs. His family no longer talks to me.. They opened a business together called (removed) Construction LLC in Birmingham. They are playing house together for over two years now. I am not going to pay for the divorce..Actually I hope Karma takes control of this situation…I believe they are both homewreckers..

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