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vRemington College I enrolled in their electronic engineering course . Took ALL of the loans that I needed , including Navy College Fund , and gave them ALL of the money that they wanted to pay in full for the associates degree . Less than one year later they kicked me out saying i needed more money , and even took back the tools that i had already bought saying that they belonged to the college. The socal worker that enrolled me quit , and moved out of state , and the college told me that they had no way of knowing what happened because she took her files with her when she left . One day about five years later , I had 5,000$ in income tax returns seized for a college loan as well . I want to speak with a lawyer and file a lawsuit Garland Texas


  • Name: Remington College
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Garland
  • Address: 1800 Eastgate Dr
  • Phone: 1 972-686-7878
  • Website:

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