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Beware !! Remember When is a band of con-artist from the Washington DC area. They lure you into there trap with the promis of a “free cruise or air line tickets”” . This is a complete lie. After attending the 2hr presintation high pressure “”sales-theives”” try to pressure you into spending $9000. My wife and I were suckered in to purchacing back in May for the low price of $2000 only to find that it was a complete rip off. Only after calling the main office in CA did we find that this company is a scam but Remember When is not its original name. Travel To Go

a san diego based firm is the true name of this group. They are unable to provide any of the services claimed by Remember When employes. When we asked for a refund we were told “”that there is nothing we can do”” and “”we purchaced from a third party and that we would have to contact the party who sold us the membership””. After several attempts to collect a rufund employes stop taking our calls. We just recieved a post card last week and found out that Remember When will be in the Gettysburg area in DECEMBER 2012 . BEWARE!! Mark J.Waynesboro


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