Remedy Roofing – Now have to fix my roof for the 3rd time!

There is so much hassle that I had to deal with with Remedy Roofing. It has given me a headache and I wanted to report their awful service to help others avoid them! I bought a new house that the previous owner had supposedly had their roof fixed by Remedy Roofing.About a month went by of me living in the house before the roof started to leak. It was just a few sections, then throughout the week it was a bigger and bigger issue. I calle Remedy Roofing when I first noticed the leaks, since they had done the previous job. It took them too long to respond to the issue. When it rains in Texas, it pours. They finally came out to fix the roof, again. It took them a week, and the repairs seemed fine, but they forgot the interior repairs. It has been nearly a month and they have not come back to fix it. It rained again, and we are have leaks in the same “repaired” areas. I am going to have to hire a completely different roofing company to get the job done right.

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