ReMax Sundance Realty II New Milford New Jersey


Complaint: Broker and agent knew in advance that this property could not be rented and perspective tenant would not be approved pending HOA litigation…We were told the unit was owned by a man and wife when in fact it wasn’t. We are still waiting for the paperwork that entitles them to even lease this property….We found out the unit is in several mortgage lenders hands, 3 to be exact…The unit hasn’t been lived in since it was built 8 years ago…It needs mold and radon testing which they told me would be my responsibility, as well as repairing all appliances, heat, a/c, plumbing ETC… I’m only the tenant and should not be responsible for repairs in this community…Nothing but lies from beginning to end….Don’t trust these people..The broker told me that it was my fault that the HOA didn’t want me as a tenant, that I was rude, vile, disgusting and many other derogatory remarks. The broker also told me she spoke to a certain person at the HOA who gave her all this information on Thursday morning..This perticular person left her position in the HOA on Wednesday, so that was another lie.. In fact the broker was rude as could be and still will not provide the correct paperwork that gives them the right to lease this property…And the information and paperwork from the HOA attorney… I have reported them to the consumer affairs dept…Attorney Generals office…Realotors Board in Fort Meyers and have made the community HOA aware of their behavior…

Tags: Realtors

Address: 7328 Sanibel Blvd Fort Myers, Florida USA


Phone: 239-947-4907

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