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Sarah is extremely unprofessional & her actions are very illegal. In the 2 years that we lived in one of her rentals, she refused to have the AC unit fixed even though it was leaking. It had been leaking for so long that the floor below was moldy & rotten. She never got back to us when we needed something fixed. She is well aware of the issues the house had but wouldn’t do anything about them, including when we told her that water from the shower upstairs was leaking on the outside of the house. When we moved out, we paid the full month of rent because she never told us someone was moving in to take over the lease. She called us the day we were leaving to accuse us of not paying rent at all. We then found out she owes us $640 back because our rent should have been prorated. It has been a month & a half yet we still haven’t gotten our refund or security deposit back. We have sent her numerous texts & left many voicemails. She is completely avoiding us. My parents recent spoke with her since they are renting from her also. She said the reason she hasn’t paid us back is because we didn’t sign a paper she never told us about. She also claims that we didn’t give her enough notice even though we told her when we were moving out 5 months in advance. My parents are also having issues with her refusing to fix issues with the house. She is a con artist & her business should be shut down.


  • Name: Remarkable Rentals, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Brandon
  • Address: 138 E Bloomingdale Ave Ste 5
  • Phone: (813) 417-0926
  • Website:

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