Reimo Meos


He is a con artist who lies to girls to he that he wants out of them and then throws them away like they’re a piece of trash. DO NOT WASTE ANY TIME WITH THIS GUY!!!!! He’s a women beater who likes to beat women. If you ever meet this guy I would run as fast as you can. He works for Furniture Row and is a slick guy who can talk you into anything. He also likes to hire prostitutes and hookers so who knows if he has some kind of disease. DO NOT GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT BECAUSE HE HAS CONTINUED TO USE WOMEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He’s originally from Estonia and will also try to impress you with his uncircumcised p****. He has no heart and doesn’t care for anyone but himself.image.jpg (152 KB)Reimo Meos

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