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Complaint: On March 28th, I had ordered Stacy Kellams quick cash program. the cost- $66.95. come to find out when I received my credit card that I was billed a total of $200.92, three seperate transactions $66,95, $66.97, $67.00 total $133,92. the program was a one time $66.95. then on april 28th I was billed $66.97, $66.97 for a total of $133.92. when I called to speak to Nich He said that I was billed once again on May 28 for $66.95. Which makes this a total of $401.79. I spoke to Nick yesterday and he had indicated that he would be crediting my account immediately for $334.74. I called the credit card company and found that he credited by account $66.95 not what he indicated. Ironically, several hours later, a guy named Kam called me and indicated that Stacy had asked him to contact me as they were trying to put together a select few that they wanted to work with. I laid out my situation with him and it is obvious I am not in a position to fork out more than what I initially had wanted to pay for this program. by the way, maybe by giving out the phone numbers that are behind the scenes, those that are in need of getting a response back the number is 800-514-1134 and 816-581-2557. I followed up after checking on the credit and have not been able to speak to this Nick. He is never available and does not return phone calls. This is a scam stay as far away from this guy as possible. I will be reporting this as fraud and to the better business bureau. I am not in a position to be able to afford much and that is part of the reason I got caught up in the hype of it all. Boy am I sorry, Stay away from anything this guy puts out. he is dis honest and loyal. I will continue to pursue this and am not going to stop on this website.

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Address: Austin, Texas USA


Phone: 866-592-2429

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