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REI Master 3/142 Siganto Drive Helensvale, Queensland Australia 4212 | +61 1800 671 179 | (+61 7 5519 5900) | [email protected] | A.B.N: 82 691 456 526 | | In the wake of prosecuting a failed apartment rental in Queensland Australia, in which I was defrauded and had other crimes done to me, I recently receive an email ostensibly from the property owners/managers as sent via this organization and/or their suites of property management systems. | For one I have been out of the unit for some time, and I have filed criminal complaints against the parties involved, including BCZ Management and their corporate bodies. They have no need or right to contact me at all. Their crimes ended that. | Since BCZ refused to perform they should have just returned the bond/deposit. But doing that proves they did not want to perform. Either way they are trapped. These people can’t help. | The body of the email is below and included in that is what seems to be a “Tracking Link” being a one pixel image that is loaded using the mail reader and that is hosted on REI’s web server and I assume they log the access with the want to claim they can “Prove” you or someone read it and where they are. I bypassed it for a reason knowing it was there. | This is illegal and needless and specious. I am including a copy of that email text, the link, as well as some photos from REI’s website that seem to worsen their problems. For one why are they involved at all now? Now they are to blame. | The photo of the staff seems odd and loaded with too much vanity. As in directed at me personally. Why the finger pointing from the woman on the right? Why does the man on the left need two wedding rings?And so on. | It is nice to “Work” with those like Scott who “Know It All”. They claim something like 2.8 Million lines of code, 5% of which they wrote, none of which works. So what? This provides them “More Power”? | Claims made of the ilk 75,000 properties managed. I doubt it. Unless you count the dish soap, vacuum cleaners, clothing, and other items you defraud your customers out of as you steal from them? Provide these felons identity information? NEVER !!! | Say you are an owner or tenant, and use these idiots, customers residing in housing managed by this lot of fools likely won’t have a choice, so it won’t matter either way, but what happens to your personal information shared with or via them? | Given the lack of and poor judgment of all these parties, one has to wonder where this goes for anyone else who might want to live in such places. | Here is the body of the email, spell much? : | Hi everyone, | We are schedule to carry on the annual aircon service from next Monday. The service will be around 12 apartments each day, start from the ground level and walk the way up. | We will send individual entry notice to the required apartment one day before as well to remind everybody. | Please DO NOT hesitate to contact us by email if you’ve any concerns with this service. | Kindly Regards, | Bing & Pan | And this was sent to me from: [[email protected]] with the claim and appearance that this came from BCZ who are the owner/managers of the housing units I attempted to rent from them. | The actual email address for BCZ differs from this one being REI’s. | The embedded tracking link from the email is here:


  • Name: REI Master
  • Country: Australia
  • State: Queensland
  • City: Helensvale
  • Address: 3/142 Siganto Dr
  • Phone: 61 1800 671 179
  • Website:

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