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Problem: I had went in to this furniture store on March 7, 2009, we purchase a sofa. We were told then that it was an special order and it will take up to 4-6 weeks or sooner, (” he, said he rather give us a longer time then sooner”, ). My girlfriend started to call after the 4th week, she was told that it will take 8 weeks to come in, she requested for them to call the manufacture, she was told they could not do that. she spoke to Jackie who gave my girlfriend her cell phone, told her she was going to look into it and call her back she never did. Then my girlfriend spoke to the Gm on the 5ht week, he told her that she has to wait for the 8th week, and that he was going to call the manufacture and call her back and he never did. On 4/19/2009, My girlfriend and I went into the store, and told them by the 8th week we wanted the sofa in the apartment. the sales manager Senal( not sure that how you spell it) told us he was going to call the company on that Monday 4/20/09 he called my girlfriend that we need to get our money back, because they discounted the sofa. I went back to the store that tues. they told me the terminal were not working, I then went back on Thursday that day, received a letter that my money was going to be credit back to my card on 4/28, well, it is not there. Called the store back and the sale manager told me it was done today, after it was suppose to be done on Thursday or either Friday the latest of 4/23-4/24. I want my money refunded so we can purchase another sofa from somewhere else, the one my girlfriend wants. I have given them more then enough time to refund my money and have be patience with them.

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