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I entered a contest on Refund H.Q.’s facebook page. I won the contest on New years day. It is now January 13th and I have yet to receive my winnings after being told that they would be sent via mail. I waited over one week after being told that they would be sent and never received them. I called them yesterday, January 12th, and was told that they could mail a money order or send my winnings via Wal-Mart. I told them that Wal-Mart was fine with me since it would be easiest. I called this afternoon, January 13th, and a lady answered the phone and I explained the situation to her. She proceeded to tell me that "We are a tax business. We are busy. When the contest winner was announced and it was you, we didn’t realize that you weren’t eligible because you live out of state but we are going to send your winnings anyways. We are busy and we need your patience because we don’t step out of the office to just send money to people. We will get to it when we can."

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By Ronald

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