Reece Builders – Reece Builder’s Bad Reputation Holds True

First of all they are way overpriced. They charge you for everything they can: consultation, measurement, shipping, installment, inspection, and even repairs for things that they damaged. We were charged $7,000 for two windows, and all of these things were listed. | They took their time with the whole process, and they are still not done. They set the installation date for us. They did not even give us a chance. They told us that installation would only take a couple of hours. They were there all day because they had to cut a hole in the wall. They had to fix the problem and patched it up themselves. It was a horrible job. They are clearly not certified to patch up walls. | I think we are going to have to have someone else come and fix the job, but we can barely afford it with all the money we are paying already. Complete waste of money.

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