Redding’s Auction, LLC Review


I attended a wholesale auction at Redding’s Auction on 10/12/2015. The first seller we saw sold and had some good stuff. | The second seller we saw (Mack) began selling but could not get the bids that he wanted on his merchandise. After a couple of items, he waited until the bid was closed and he started screaming I am backing those up to a quarter. If you don’t want to bid, I will give things to the highest bidder very cheap. | They put up another item and only a couple of people bid. He took more stuff out of his van and THREW it over on the line first yelling sell choice for a quarter and then said sell it all for one price. He slammed the back door of the van and said I am done | And the auction that started at 1:00 ended at 2:15. Less than half the time it usually lasts. It did not matter that a pretty full crowd had taken time out of their day to drive there expecting a 3 hour auction, like always. There was one lady in line to pay complaining that she drives there from Kentucky, about a 40 minute drive, just for him to throw a hissy fit. She was pretty upset. | When the first seller we saw didn’t get what he wanted for a couple of things, that was OK. But when Mack did not get what he wanted, he went through the roof. | Also, there was a new auctioneer there today. The auctioneer did not have control of who got what at all. Mack was deciding who put their numbers up first and got what. The guy who won the bid on one item decided after a minute that he wanted more. The auctioneer was trying to determine how many more he wanted when Mack kept selling and there were no more for the bidder. This is the AUCTIONEER’S job. | The two people that typically sell (Mack and Roger) bid on each other’s merchandise until it gets to a price the other person wants it and then they stop bidding. In other words, they are hiking up the bid for each other. | There are several men that sit in the front left corner who definitely get preferential treatment. | This auction is not run like any other auctions I attend. | Someone probably needs to look into this. It is a joke.


  • Name: Redding’s Auction, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleves
  • Address: 5700 State Route 128
  • Phone: 513-309-4012
  • Website:

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