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I work the graveyard shift, and swing by a 7-11 with a redbox vending machine. I usually get there between 9:10 and 9:35 PM. I’ve rented movies before and had themdouble bill me before. I quit using them. Recently I rented 3 DVDs on 3 consecutive.nights.Returned each the following night within 10 minutes of rental. I expected to becharged for 1 night each. Again, they have double billed me. My debit card shows 6 charges of $1.25 + tax for my rental of 3 DVDs, each for 1 night. The first time it was for 4 movies, this time it’s for 3. That’s $1.25 + tax times 7. I will fill out an onlinecomplaint @ redbox’s website. I will NEVER again use their rip-off vending machines. These machines are outside 24/7. Nobody around lots of the time. Graffity much?

One Tower Lane Suite 1200. Oakbrook Terrace , IL 6 Terrace, Illinois United States of America


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