RED TAG VACATION West Bloomfield Michigan Review


After booking my vacation through redtag in march i was assured by a travel agent (Kerry Simon) that all of my paaerwork and travel plans were completed. I was reassured- on several occasions, that all of my documents necessary for my vacation would be available to me at the airport upon arrival. Upon check in at the airport (with my luggage and my family ready to embark on our vacation) I was informed that the proper visas had not been completed to go on my trip. This resulted in my family being unable to travel to our desired location to visit our friends, family, and to spend quality time together. Our dissapointment was unimaginable and heartbreaking to both ourselves and to our family who awaited us. After confronting Redtag and Kerry Simon (the travel agent) neither party was willing to take responsibility for what occured, and are now refusing to refund my money that they were so quick to withdraw from my savings. Kerry Simon was unknowledgable in the entire process not knowing which documents were needed to travel and continued to assure me up until the last day that everything was completed when in fact, they had not been. On top of completely ruining our family vacation- which we will not be able to get again for a long time- she was the most obnoxious sales rep i have ever encountered. She even claimed that I called too often!! I would like to seek legal action in this matter and would appreciate any advice offered.

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