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This is an online closing company that processes payment through Pay Pall. I have placed an order online for 2 items on Feb 25th with estimated delivery date on March 2nd. Nothing was delivered on the day it was promised and I stated calling and emailing them asking for my order. Every week since I am being told that they have had some miscommunication on their part and they will ship my order today with no delay and I will get it by the end of the week. After 2 weeks I asked them to cancel my order and refund it since I was getting nowhere and nothing was shipped.nThey told me that they have already shipped the order so they cannot cancel it. A week later, 4 weeks after the original order date, I received partial order with 1 item in it. I kept on calling and emailing asking them to either refund thenrest of the order or ship it already. They kept on saying that it will be shipped immediately. 6 weeks after the original order date I called Pay Pall and originated the dispute asking them to stop payment. Red Femme told Pay Pallnthat they have shipped my order and provided tracking number for partial order. Pay Pall closed the ticket and said they cannot do anything elase. So do not trust that Pay Pall transactions are save, they are working on the side of the rooks. It has been over 8 weeks; I am still not able to get neither a refundnnor my order from this company. They are a fraud and crooks. Stay away from them and Pay Pall.

1944 Southlake Mall Merrillville, Indiana United States of America


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By Ronald

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