Recovery One Harpers Ferry West Virginia


Complaint: we were ripped off by our car being repossessed and then we got ripoffed again from this company. When they towed our car and we found out where it was 2and a half hours away from us. It took us a week to get a hold of these people to find out where our belongings were that was in the car. The lady told us that we could come and get our belongings that they would keep them for us. When we went to get our stuff from this lady she had never mentioned on the phone that there was a fee. She told us we had to pay 50 dollars and I told her no one including her told us there was a fee. She said if anyone calls us just to tell them we didnt want our things from the car. In the meantime she gave us the things in a trash bag. It did not include my cellular phone which i paid over 250.00 dollars for plus 49.99 a month payments, my sons cds, my husbands coat plus car items that belong to my husband. I called her the next day and ask her about my phone and the other items in the car again and she said they werent in there. We had the car for 4 years and I know what was in there. I think they should either return our items or pay me for them i had to pay for them. It doesnt matter if my car was repossessed or not the items in the car i owned and I liked to had them back. It wasnt Charity for me to give to them they just took them. James Harpers Ferry, West VirginiaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 156 S Forbes Road Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.


Phone: 859-455-9048

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