Rebekah Sheler – Geneva, Alabama Alabama


The small town whore Rebekah Sheler 21 years old. Dated my brother. This nasty crazy HO has a story she uses as her MO with every guy she preys on. Here it is!!! She claims her father abused her. He was a vet with PTSD. She said he wanted her to be a boy so he tried to make her tough. All lies! This ploy was to make men feel sorry for her. That’s the game. My brother felt sorry for her and our family allowed her to move in. Another repeat game. She has lived 5 different places before us. Once she was in our mother treated her just like one of us. She cleaned did her laundry fed her and never asked for money or rent. Our mothers kind heart loved her without a second thought. Rebekah worked our entire family over. She tried to hook up with everyone of us at different times. She would try to turn us on each other. She told on everyone one of us including our mother to our father Tony. She told if we were drinking or smoking. She told him all this bad stuff on each of us to keep my Dad stressed out. She became his only friend. (Dad) she turned him on our sweet mother. Our mother worked full time and worked at home all the time taking care of all of us. My Father got weak to her accusations of us. She tried to make our mother crazy was her plan. She told her best friend everything who she eventually pulled the same stunt in her house. || Rebekah’s friend provided the proof of all her plots. She tricked Tony day after day. Constantly making him feel sorry for her. Made him think his wife was mean and didn’t have time for him by working. Her ex boyfriend said the reason they broke up is because she slept with his father. Our mother then find out!!!! Rebekah continued to prey on Tony who is 51 years old (dad) he then said he was in love with this whore. She cheated on Tony with several other men and some married. Once Denise (mom) found out Rebekah told her she was going to marry our Dad. We all hate her because she told our mother all the details of this gross affair. She told they screwed in every room in our house. She told her they screwed in our parents bed. She told our mother she knew our Dad loved her but she wanted to be her. She was going to steal him. The whore broke our whole family up. She’s setting our Dad up. He’s a business owner and has messed up bad. The whore won’t leave him alone. It’s sick!! 30 years difference! She’s younger than 3 of us 4 boys!! Telling our sweet mother all the details was a slap to all of us! She needs to be exposed!!! Watch out married men in your 50’s Rebekah Sheler will screw you and anyone else in your family at the same time!

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By Ronald

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