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My boyfriend and I had been together for a almost a year. We had just gotten pregnant and decided to move with my 2 year old daughter (from a previous relationship whom he loves like his own) back to where his family lived which happened to be where his ex-girlfriend of 5 years lives. || And this whore of a homewrecker tried to ruin my relationship with my now fiance by lying to him about me. We had already had issues with her harrassing us previously so we changed our numbers and blocked her on all social media. But that sneaky tramp still found a way and emailed him lies about me and that I was harrassing her. Well he stupidly believed her and thats when it all started. || They continued emailing and sexting through skype. He asked her for pics and the slut she is sent them to him. I put blame on him just as much as her, but she is the one that knew we were together and still wanted to try and steal him away from me. For almost 2 weeks they snuck behind my back and explicitly sexted eachother. He did it while he was at work and deleted all the emails, but did not delete thier skype conversations and pics. It makes me sick to my stomach looking at them and just pisses me off to no end that he did this to me and our family, but its sad that she cant get her own man and has to try and take mine away while showing that she has no self respect. She ended up convincing him to sneaking off work 15 minutes early one night to go f**k her. He told her to never tell anyone, but she could not wait to rub it in my face. She told a friend of hers about what had happened and had her message me some emails between him & that homewrecker. I confronted him and he admitted his affair. I am working on forgiving him as he begs and pleads to give him another chance, I love him and we have a family and I wont let 1 bad mistake over some stupid girl ruin the love we have together. But this individual needed to be exposed of her wrong doings as she claims to be a woman of god.

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By Ronald

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