Rebecca Fields – Norwich, Connecticut Connecticut


My husband and I were on a break from each other, now what he does on that break is whatever, we were not together. However when we got back together he neglected to tell me that he had moved in his tinder hook up, Rebecca Fields. After he told her that things were back on with me she confessed her love to him and has been trying to make a move on him. He refuses to kick her out because he does not want to be cruel to her. However, my daughter and I can not move back home until this tinder slut is gone. Now she is trying to be affectionate with him, telling him that they should at least enjoy and be happy with the two weeks she has left before she moves out of state. I am about to go rip shit on a bitch and kick her out myself. Shes a clinger and is trying to make something out of nothing. Bitch better get a move on before sh*t gets real.

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By Ronald

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