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Me and my husband have been together for 8 yrs. Dated for 5 and married for 3. Being a young couple of course we have had our ups and downs but have always gotten through them. Well Rebecca came into the picture because she worked with my husband, boyfriend at the time, at a restaurant and of course as soon as she saw him she liked him and finding out he was taken didn’t stop the flirting or trying to get his attention. Well when me and him decided to take a break and she heard about it she instantly became the friend he could talk to and that turned into let’s hang out and have a good time to get you mind off of her. Of course she had her way in and she was inseparable from him until she found out that we were trying to work things out. Now this went on for four years, every time she heard we were having problems she would blow his phone up”just to talk and make sure he was okay which always lead to let’s”hang out”. Well this last time we separated he was staying at his dads and me at my mom’s. We would occasionally talk and try to work things out. Well she found out and instantly was back in the picture again. And when his father kicked him out and he had no where to go that was her chance to say oh you can live with me, well when I found this out I was done. I was tired of her always being in our relationship so I told him I’m done competing with her. If you want her be with her. || So I guess they were together off and on for 6 months and in that time I kept getting messages from her saying I told you he was my soulmate and you were just getting in the way of us. Anyways about 4 months into their destined relationship my husband decides to help his best friend and give him a place to stay and get him a job. Well to make a long story short she cheated on my husband, her soulmate, with his bff and is now pregnant and doesn’t know if it is his or my husbands. But other man is telling everyone it’s good and she refuses a DNA test. || And yes as always me and my husband are back together and trying to put her and all her petty drama behind us but I thought I should share because she admitted to my husband that she loves going after older (than her she only 22) married or taken men. So lady’s out there remember this face, because she has tried and failed to destroy my relationship for the past 4 years!!

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