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I have been looking for a new work at home job for months. I suddenly received a text message from an unknown number, claiming to be a Michael Williams from Realize Health. He said my resume had been revied and that I had made it to the NEXT STEP for the Data Entry Position. Then it asked me to invite "Mrs Danielle Figueroa" on Gmail Hangouts and gave me a Job ID. I thought initially this MUST be a scam. I’ve never sent in my resume to this company and I can’t find much information other than their website and LinkedIn information, but I still decided to entertain the idea to get all the information. I went to Google Hangouts and invited [email protected]The ENTIRE conversation was sketchy. She asked questions multiple times that I had already given the answer to. She initially stated that she would love to know more about me to help her categorize me so she knew best how to interview me, which seemed odd. The one incident that really showed scam quality, was when I asked where they were located. The answer was avoided and answered with what seemed like a "copy and paste, line for line, chat interview". Most of the answers from her would come in bulky paragraphs. But I persisted and asked again, and then she was silent for 8 minutes. I had to IM her again just to get that answer.After being immediately offered a position and hired, I asked about this particular link I found that talks about Google Hangout interviews being scams. I was then blocked.

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By Ronald

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