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I thought I was dealing with a reputable company and now they don’t return calls. Services were to learn to fix and flip, rent properties, buy tax liens, and earn money by running an effective business in this space. I paid approximately $35,000 in all and this was supposed to be with lifetime learning and access, a website to pick and handle properties to make money, and access to gap funding experts to get any deal done. That was the promises….Many promises here as I have and had no experience in this business. But what they have done is promise without following through in a reasonable way. Many things were said in the classes that I relied on as fact and the first thing is I cannot seem to find this company registered with the State of Utah under corporations. The materials I have say "The Real Estate Workshops" and "REW Real Estate Workshops".Is this company out of business and where can I send a complaint to request a refund?Thanks

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By Ronald

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