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This class is a waste of money and they do not help you at all. They donu2019t respond at all. You are alone theoughout. The final exam you have three tries and it has nothing on it that has been in the course. I failed all three! It took me four hours to take it each time because it was all new to me. Then when i failed it the third time i get the notification of donu2019t worry just pay another $50 and you can take it again! Are you serious? I paid $400 for this course already and you guaranteed me i would pass the test! Whereu2019s the guarantee. You didnu2019t say i would have to keep paying you to get there. It is a complete ripoff and has a horrible syllabus. I recieved my associates and bachelors online so i know what a good online school is supposed to be like and this is absolutely worthless. Anyone could put this online and charge. They should be ashamed and have lawsuits against them for what they are doing to people and for what their claims are. They have a hidden agenda and thatu2019s to take as much money as they can. I have to go take another class and pay now. It is saddening i have been duked and wasted this much time.

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