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Ready Travel did us about the same way as described in the last report that i read on this company .We got our voucher in Jan of 2015 thru promotion to sell travel at a reduced rate but we turned it but instead took the travel that we had to send them 100.00 for . We turned in 2 dates one in Aug for around the 12 or so dont really rember then one in sept for colorado springs Co then our second Choice was Las vegas in sept 27 of this month nada Zip nuthing . Made 2 callas in August and 3 this month . Finally some one answerd Gave me a big run around that i had to book my dates 60 dsys apart an that it looked like Jan my voucher expires and that and Christmas and thanksgiving are coming up new yrs blah bla . So i asked for another request form to be sent out . Janet informed me to call bqack next week .Im betting this company has no intention to comply with my request . So im just letting everyone know that this place is a Nigfhtmare to deal with . We got the same High pressure to by different packages but had decided after i convinced my Wife that this doesnt sound right so lets just take the free voucher an see what happens .Guess BBB Bureau in Irving would also like to know about this so called Travel cheap deal . My advice to all is dont buy the package dont go to the presentation but Run and run away fast from this place !

PO Box75016 Irvimg , Texas USA

469 242 9291

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