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March 14, 2016 – Received a letter from Central Billing informing me that we owed $953.62 to Readers Discount Center. I contacted Central Billing right away. I was told that I had an outstanding debt for a 6-year magazine subscription of which I had already made two payments against back in 2012 using a debit card and he conveyed the last four numbers of the card. A card number I’ve not used in years – it was reported as lost or stolen as well. I told this person that I did not at any time order magazines, much less near a $1,000.00 worth! He asked if I had received a call from Readers Discount. I told him that I had received several calls, a good distances apart, where I was abruptly asked if I had ordered magazines or was receiving magazines. With each instance I told the callers – No, I did order magazines; No, I do not receive magazines; No, I do not want magazines; and demanded that they emove my name, address and telephone number from the listing. I further told the gentleman that I do not show a debit against my account for the first two alleged payments; I have not received a bill, statement, letter, e-Mail, text or any other communication regarding a debt owed. This is a scam. The Central Billing letter further states that if they do not received payment or a letter of dispute within 30-days of the notice date on the letter they will report this “debt” to the credit reporting agencies. I told this person, Central Billing, that I will dispute this debt claim, and I would notify the BBB. BBB does have these two companies flagged. I will also contact each reporting agency myself to make them aware of the scam.


  • Name: Readers Discount Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 119 N Fairfax Ave. #627
  • Phone: 844-258-3932
  • Website:

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