RE-STOCK SHOP, INC. Morgantown Indiana


Complaint: I had transacted business with Ms. Julie Labarge, the owner of RE.STOCK SHOP, INC. sellers of consignment apparel at 50% commission, for years and I have records of all recorded inventories, e-mail correspondence and payments made by her of sold items. Ms. Labarge had taken proven deliveries from me as late as November 2017 and usually settled her account quarterly. I received a shipment of return items (unexpectedly and without notice) in January of 2018 and compared them to the last reported on hand items. Many items were missing which had been sold by Ms. Labarge for approx, $3.400 in which she owed to me over $1,700.00. She stated that the business was closed and there were no funds to distribute to me on amounts due and then she left town for either Georgia, and now supposedly Phoenix, AZ. I will pursue this in small claims court or interested in a class action if appropriate.

Tags: Bags Etc, Belts, Clothing, Clothing Stores, Consignment Stores, Retail Stores- Internet, Shoes, Specialty Stores, Thrift Store

Address: 2148 N. Halsted St. (formerly) Chicage, Illinois United States


Phone: (312) 576-5233

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