RDS Residential Group, LLC Review


This company is manage by Ronald Strickland Jr.. I was referred by this property management company from a previous property manager. I signed an agreement with this property manager not knowing that he is an unlicense property manager as April 17, 2017 ( this was truely my fault for not checking). This property manager screen horrible tenants, tenants that came into my units and paid for three months and stay two month for free before they skipped their lease. I had difficulty communicating with this property manager and had issues with collection of money. I tried to work with him and tried to resolve any issues that may occur in this unit but it was unsuccessful. He is very unprofessional when it comes to communicating with me, he is not a license Property Manager in the State of Florida as April 17, 2017. This property manager took my money and refuse to return tenants that skipped my unit security rent security deposit. I lost two months and counting of revenue that could have been generated because of this property management company. This property manager allowed the tenants to extend their rent without my permission; and major damages occured in my one of my units and I was never made aware of the situation until after the fact. One need to be careful who you choose to manage your property, who you choose to work with period, always choose candidates who are supposed to be license and insured because some property manager especial this one who does not practice good ethics will ripp you off your money as he did to me. He abondaned the property without notice. I lost thousands of dollars because of his negligence and breach of contract. If he is reading this message today him in his right mind knows everything I am saying is true and correct. He breach contract, negleted the property and cause me thousand of dollars and this has not happened the first time. To all my investors and landlords in realestate be careful who you choose to work with because we are here to make money and better our lives and not be ripped off by unprofesional, unlicense, and unethical individuals and/or firms that is here just rippedoff. I emailed him, called him, write him for my money no answer as April 17, 2017.


  • Name: RDS Residential Group, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 50 N Laura St,
  • Phone: 904-386-6569
  • Website:

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