Raydean Voight aka Nikki – Houston, Texas Texas


This home wrecker was living at her boyfriends house who is my husband’s good friend. My hubby and I got into a little argument because I didn’t want him going out that night and he did anyways and hung out with thrm. This nasty chick was injecting meth at the time and apparently wanted to get laid and her “man” didn’t want anything to do with her nasty ass!!! So knowing my hubby and I were having issues and knowing we are married and have a1 and 2 year old she decided to come onto him and her so called man was cool with it! They had sex and she gave him head. I bet my pussy taste real good off his dick huh!! She told him it made it sooo much better knowing that he was married and denied everything! Denied knowing he was married and blocked me on Facebook !!! She still trys to talk to him like it’s cool!! He admitted everything to me and said how nasty looking she is..all skin and bones..he messed up big time especially with a nasty , useless drug addict like herself! He said he couldn’t even stay hard because she was just so gross looking. It was rough for me but we got through it. We’ve been together for 9 years and no homewrecker will ever get between us.

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By Ronald

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