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I’ve been married to this man for 12 years and have children. I can’t even remember when I started suspecting. The reason I started suspecting was because he begin being called to work late at night. He is off at 3:30 pm. All of a sudden things broke down at work and he had to go at least twice a week in the night time. Then my suspicions got stronger back in October of 2012. We were at my nieces birthday party and he kept texting on his phone. When I snatched the phone he completely went frantic. He leaned over me and tried as hard as he could to take the cell phone away from me. Of course, I’m no match for him so I gave in and gave it back to him. I asked him what he was looking at that I couldn’t see. He said someone sent him a dirty picture of a woman and that he didn’t want me getting mad. At that point, I didn’t want to make a seen at the party or ruin it for my niece, so I”went” along with it. However, I knew sooner or later he would trip. All this time he kept his phone with him and made sure I had no access to it. He started telling me not to mess with his phone because since it’s a smart phone, he didn’t want any applications being downloaded by accident and slowing the phone down. Which I thought, yea sure whatever. Then in March of 2013 on a Sunday I went to Ruidosos New Mexico with some friends. He kept my children with him. I thought he won’t do anything (Yea right). Then I got home and he happily picked me up from my friends house. Later that week I found out he had left my children with my niece that Sunday because they called him from work that something broke down. I asked him why he didn’t mention anything. Of course, he said”I forgot”. Well the following weekend his family came down from Mexico to visit. This was on a Saturday still in March. They had a few drinks too much. That evening he went to sleep a little drunk. My husband is not a heavy drinker. So some beers will knock him out. At 2:30 am Sunday morning a message came in. I of course was wide awake. I picked up his phone and there it was a message from Raquel Reveles. At this point I didn’t know who it was. I don’t remember the exact conversation, but this is more or less how it went. I pretended to be my husband and answered the text messages. Raquel,”goodnight honey”. Myself,”goodnight, where are you?. She said,”I’m almost there, only 50 more miles. Myself,” I miss you” Raquel,”Are you drunk”. Myself,” yes, family came over and I got tipsy. I rand to the computer to find a sight that would give me a reverse phone number name. || My husband got up and came looking for me. He asked what are you doing. I showed him the phone and it was silence for about 10 minutes. We went back to the bedroom and of course he cried and cried and asked for forgiveness. He said it was a mistake and sor forth and so on. At this point I’m thinking about my children and how much they love him. I stayed in the relationship, but I haven’t had peace of mind. Then he started being extremely nice and even had a huge surprise birthday party for me. I went along for the sake of my children. He insisted it was over and he was greatly sorry. I this point I’m thinking this is someone from out of town because she said I’m almost there, I need 50 miles. So I thought, well maybe it was a one night stand and this could be worked out. (stupid me) || Then around september of 2013 my husband got another message at 6:40 am right before he went to work. The message said,”Hi how are you.” Again, I answered,”good how about yourself?” She said, waiting to go see you. I responded,” Ok”. She said,”I’ll be there in ten minutes”. I freaked out, it was someone from town. I gave him the phone and told him to leave. Again, he said you’re thinking wrong, it’s not me. I talked to her already and let her know I don’t want anything to do with her. I went off to work. He kept texting and texting. Finally, I called her and told her who I was and told her that she could keep him. She didn’t even let me speak when she started crying and crying and saying she was sorry. That it was her fault. That she went after my husband until he gave in. She told me my husband had told her that he was married and had children, but that she insisted. She said it was over a few months back, but that she didn’t want to believe it. She apologized and said she would disappear and never interfere in our marriage. Then she hung up. || I immediately begin looking for ways to find out who she was. I input her number in a reverse phone number web page and wola all her info came up. She lives in Berino NM. I got her home address and asked around the neighborhood. Sure enough right away I found a person who knew her well and knew where she worked. She works as a”Promotora” in a family clinic in Anthony NM. After this I still hung on to the thought that it was over between her and my husband. || My husband continued to hide his phone here and there. Not making that obvious. However, now in January of 2014, I found an application that you can install in a phone to Spy. You can see absolutely everything on the phone you installed it in. Sure enough, they were still texting and they were meeting for lunch etc. He has no way of denying it now. He still doesn’t want to leave. My children don’t know anything. Again, he promises to change and that he only loves me bla, bla, bla. I am trying to find a solution where my children are less damaged.

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