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We received a travel voucher in the mail in the month of April 2004 from the Ramada Plaza Resorts that sounded like a great deal(we took our honeymoon on a carnival cruise in 2002) and it had the carnival logo on it along with the Imperial Majesty Ramada’s preferred cruise line. nI was pregnant at the time and didn’t think we could do it or anything like it for a while, but my husband wanted to see the price. When we called they kept pushing him to go for it and told him they could not offer this anymore after the phone call ended. They also told us because I was pregnant they would give a 3-year extension to take our vacation. So we did it with the initial $349 and automatic withdrawals for six months and the 36 month extension. nAbout two weeks after we received our package did we find the small print that in our package that said we only had 3 days after we received the vacation package in the mail to get a refund. At the time it was not really an issue because we were looking forward to the vacation and were still satisfied with the service of the company. nWhen about 18 months rolled around they called us and started pressuring us to take the vacation (3 times in one week). We informed them that we were suppose to have an extended period of time up to 36 months. They had no record of this and we did not either. Finally with enough resistance we were given the 36 month extension that we had agreed to. nWe have purchased 2 extensions since March 2007. When the 1st deadline was approaching I called them to find out about extending, I got a price of $58 for 12 months by Doug EXT.4023. I hung up and we were evaluating if we could do it by this deadline. nI called back 2wks later and was told that information was incorrect it was 18 months for $80 or 90ish and the person I talked with(Doug) no longer worked there and hadn’t for months. After going back and forth a while I told her I didn’t believe her I just spoke with Doug 2wks ago and she finally did it for the 12months for $58 after putting me on hold several times to speak with a supervisor. nThat should have told me something then but we just let it go. I didn’t take her name. In April 2008 we extended for the 2nd time with no problem for the 12 months for $58.00. I was relieved that I didn’t have the same experience twice. nMay 2008 we just purchased the remaining amount plus $99 each for our 2 small kids. They gave us the rundown of the itinerary over the phone and were then told of the 2nd tour to get our Disney tickets in Orlando. We knew of the 1st tour but not the 2nd. That made me think a little, but we didnt question it. nAfter getting the itinerary I had questions regarding passports for our kids so I called, the salesperson(Natalie) 1st thing offered an upgrade special for memorial day for $99 because our cabin only had 2 twin beds or a bunk bed choice. I asked her so with 2 adults and 2 kids there are only 2 twin beds. She said yes and that the upgrade was an ocean view with 2 double beds, so nI said ok, sure. I got my answer for the passports and hung up. nThe upgrade got me to think a little, so I called back and was told by Shan the only difference in the rooms was it just had a small window to see the ocean, the beds in all cabins were all twins and could be pushed together to make a full and there were bunk beds also. nI was told I would have to call back Tuse.27th to get the upgrade reversed. I told my husband about it and called again to make sure and asked to have the upgrade reversed and he(didn’t get name)told me I would have to call back when our original travel agent (Avalene) was working which was after memorial day on Tuesday to go through her. My husband took the phone and again was told the same thing. nMy husband started doing research on them and came across several websites. He called back to ask more questions about why they pressured us to upgrade cabins by misinforming us about accommodations seeing we had the proper accommodations and was responded by a Justin(supervisor) saying the only reason he was calling was because he was mad at me for going through with the upgrade without his approval. nThis didn’t go over well and so he started asking about a cancellation and refund. Then Justin basically was being smart and asked my husband if he could read? Referring to the terms and conditions of our booklet. nWhen I got home that night he showed me all kinds of nightmare experiences from people who took this Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/ Ft.Lauderdale package through consumer reports, websites, BBB,ect. I couldn’t believe how many. Even former employees were complaining and trying to help. nLooking back on it has never been pleasurable to deal with them. nI called Ramada Plaza Resorts and spoke with Bill Marable(one of the supervisors) asked for a refund (May 27th) and was denied. I told them about the info we had found out and we felt mislead also. I was told no refund because it was past 30 days since the original purchase, which I thought there was a 3 day grace period after we received the package and I can not find anything in the package about a 30 day limit. nWe really are afraid it would be as unpleasant for us as for the people we have been reading about and with having our 2 kids ages 2 and 3. It would be very heartbreaking and frustrating for us. nI am a stay at home mom and my husband works very hard to provide for us and to have some company to take advantage of hard working people is disgusting. nIt has taken us 4 yrs to even be able to pay for the remaining expense of what we thought would be a great vacation. I just wish we would have researched them to begin with. nWe just got internet a month ago and if we hadn’t we might be another family with a huge nightmare of a vacation. We just can’t take the chance. nI just called to get the reversal on the room upgrade and it had already gone through request on May 23 9:23pm. I talked with Arthur and asked him about speaking with the original agent but he didn’t reply but with “it has already been requested for refund

should take 7-10 business days””. I feel like

I am getting lied to over and over again about little stuff. nWhat happened to talking with Avalene the original agent? Just another reason I am questioning this Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/ Ft.Lauderdale vacation. nConsumer Affairs has an article we found concerning a class action lawsuit against Ramada Plaza Resorts. You should check it out. nNikkinHeiskell

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