Ramada Plaza Resort Secaucus New Jersey Review


STAY AWAY FROM THE SO-CALLED “DREAM CRUISE”” OF RAMADA RESORTSI’m adding to the tons of complaints here about Ramada Plaza Resorts and their rip-off cruise/vacation package or whatever they call it.Just received a phone call this morning from one of their extremely helpful sales agents

saying a package I bought in Nov 2009 for just over $400 had expired

without me claiming. Was told that I could have extended the validity had I called earlier to give another travel date. Was told they could still help me if I buy a second person’s ticket for almost $900. I told the woman on the phone that I had a similar experience 2 years ago (when I forgot about another package I had bought) and they willingly extended it for just a few hundred dollars more. She said “”you got to remember that was in 2009 and the package costs a lot more now””. I was told I had to pay the near $900 or lose it all. I said let me speak to a supervisor. There was a pause. Then a voice came over the phone that sounded was sounded identical to the one who spoke to me earlier

identifying herself as the General Manager of the company. I said “”wait

are you sure you’re not the same person I was talking to just now?”” And that’s when she exploded

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By Ronald

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