Rally’s Hamburger Cleveland Cleveland Ohio


Complaint: Cleveland rally’s hamburger on broadway and buckeye is horrible service that should never exsist in the community.If you ever wont to see bad food service pay them a visit! I was driving home from work i notice rally’s on broadway drive thru line was empty so i stop in after i place my order with credit card. i was told to park my car in the parking lot and they will bring me my food. as i park my car there wasent anymore parking spaces due to other cars of people waiting for there food. after 10min i walk inside and requested my money back due to the service. the counter lady said let me fix ur order. the cook grab a handful of fries that was done and she drop them in hot grease for 15sec to warm them up and she repeated the same steps with the chicken OMG! i couldnt believe it and to make matters worst they gave it too me like they were train to do so cutting major corners by not cooking fresh food to serve.half of them work in streets cloths no uniforms or hair nets just Terrible business! And that’s on broadway ave cleveland oh.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 6430 Broadway Ave Cleveland, Ohio USA


Phone: 216-441-0355

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By Ronald

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