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Brandon jenson DBA Rainaway roofing has ran off “FLED” with $7000 of the roofing payments i made to him, or should I say his company, I have paid him a total of $16,910 on a 17,796 written contract for my new roof !! I now find out AFTER my roof is completed that theres a tittle lien on my home from some out of town material company named Gulfeagle Supply for NOT paying for ANY of the materials used on my roof and to make matters worst the roof that was installed failed county inspections.. After further investigation by6 myself I discovered rainaway roofing is only a scammer in a truck ,he has no employees, no equipment ,no real business address ,no roofing materials nothing..! | IM not even shure how he obtained a contractors roofing license without a business address ?? I now have to hire my own attorney to defend my case in civil court against the material supplier now comming after ME for $7486 . | This man brandon jensen has now put me in financial ruins ,he has devastated us with his FRAUD and i hope whoever is reading this warning spreads the word about this con artist.. Because i know WE wil be spreading this story all througout the TV news .internet , social media, etc.. ME and my church brothers wil be contacting the accounting department of every roofing materials supplier in the state of florida to give them his full name, business name and civil case number so they can be on the lookout for his scam.. | People to avoid this happening to you,make shure you use mapquest and physically get into your car and drive to the address to make shure the business is REAL ,so this does not happen to you thank you… if you live in south florida miami area and have been also been scammed by the same person please contact the departent of business and professional regulation DBPR to report him please.


  • Name: Rainaway Roofing Corp.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami
  • Address: 1951 NW 7th Ave
  • Phone: (305)
  • Website: www.rainawayroofing.net/

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