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I saw a Facebook ad for this product as a trial product. Thought I would give it a go. The trial offer was for $4.90 then another screen comes up for another product @ $4.95. Not much money – why not. Shipping was $2.49. This was purchased via an online site as referenced above. This purchase was on 2/12. On 2/26, the company made two charges one for $89.98 and a 2nd for $88.47 on my card which were unauthorized to my knowledge. I called the number on the credit card statement 855-633-0203. Had to wait at least 5 minutes for an operator. They did give you the option of pressing 3 to have them call you back however I waited. A very nice lady came on the phone. When I explained the program, she said that I have approved it when I ordered the first product. I told her that I did not authroize the product and that I wanted the charges reversed. She said the same thing again. I replied that if they would not reverse the charges, then I would have the bank reverse the charges and report it to the BBB as a scam. She said the same thing again. I said the same thing again. We did this same routine one more time then she said she would speak with a supervisor. She came back on the line and said that her supervisor agreed to reserve the charnges. I got her name and the cancellation numbers and was told it would take 3 to 5 business days to come through. Next week I will be checking my statement every day. If it is not off by next Wednesday, I will have the credit card reverse the charnges. I did not check them out thoroughly enough. There is no address on their website. When you received the product, there was no complete invoice and no address on the invoice. (In my case, the invoice was for $2 which was not an appropriate cost.) IF this happens to you, fight it. Call them at the number above – although they will probably change the number. Have your bank or credit card company reverse the charges as fraud. Don’t let them scam you for your hard earned money!

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