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My daughter, Shirley, was killed, along with her husband, on July 15, 2003. She was 29 years old and left three babies. I tried to sue the city of Dallas as well as the Omega company that was doing road work for the city of Dallas. According to witnesses, there were no flagmen at the site and you could not see if on coming traffic was coming. My son-in-law, Fredrick, pulled in front of a speeding truck and was killed as well as my daughter. The city charged Fredrick with the murder of my daughter, claiming he was at fault. How can a dead man tell his side of the story. He has a charge of murder on his record. Rad Law Firm took my case as well as the rest of our family’s and after a long drawn out ordeal, we settled on July 14, 2006. I was discouraged from going to court. Adam Hardison told me if I went to court that the rest of my family would have to wait on me for their money. I signed papers for a settlement of around $8,000 dollars. $6,000 from Omega, and $2,000 from Progressive Insurance. I was not given a copy of the settlement papers on July 14,2006 nor did I know to ask for one. I was notified September 10, by “Phil” Bally that my settlement was now $4,749.87 and that if I didn’t agree with the amount to take it up with Mr. Rad knowing I didn’t have any way of proving I was owed more. I have yet to be paid. I really believe that he was afraid to sue the city of Dallas, took a payoff from the Omega company, and spent my part of the settlement. I reported the Rad Law Firm to the Attorney General but they (being lawyers themselves) said they had dismissed my complaint finding no wrong doing on their part. My only baby girl is worth $4,749.87. Does anyone believe that the Omega company or the city of Dallas even took notice of a sweet, beautiful baby girl that died wrongfully on July 15, 2003? Do you think that anybody thought of the three children that would have to be raised by family at the family’s expense? All the money to be paid to the children is in a trust. Do you believe that the city of Dallas or the Omega company will not let this happen again? Lindatoto Kemah, Texas | U.S.A.


  • Name: Rad Law Firm
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: 8001 LBJ Freeway Suite 300
  • Phone: 972-661-1111
  • Website: www.radlawfirm.com/

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