Rachelle “Star” Green – Tomball, Texas Texas

Rachelle “Star” Green – Tomball, Texas Texas

I married a man in 2012, and recently he stopped coming home. Purposely starting arguments to leave, I mean he has no car so on foot and gone for the night to a week. He leaves his children with me, he does not show up to work. He does not do what he should. Ok so this week I am on the phone with an individual who gives me a name and that is where he is located. When I go on facebook I see she has me blocked but is friends with my husband. He tells me he is with so and so from work, but that person shows up to work and he don’t. This trashy whore knows he is married as I have met her when we took custody of the youngest child. She has no respect for married men. Then again I was always told the in Rockport, you don’t lose your wife or girlfriend just your turn. So now I have checked everything out and well his sure is there.. thinks i am stupid.. but once a side whore always a side whore.

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By Ronald

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