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I had been married for 18 years when my husband decided he wanted to go to Barber school. He worked during the day so he started taking night classes. I started noticing that his behavior was very different from about the first month he was there. When I confronted him about this he of course said it was just my imagination. I finally moved out because I knew something was going on. I had decided to move back in because we were together all the time anyway and things seemed rather normal again. One day I go to get a pedicure and I’m discussing where the young lady went to school to do nails. Turns out the same school my husband was attending. When i mentioned that to her she automatically looked at me and said I know who he is. She then gave me a strange look and asked why was I still with him. She told me all about the affair. When I left the salon I was fuming! I called him and confronted him to which he denied everything at first. He then came clean and promised to never talk to her again. She was still going to the same school as him and later that night I texted him asking if she had contacted him, he said yes but he told her to leave him alone. || Over the next month I not only found out he had been taking her out to dinner and movies but also to a hotel and even brought her into our home and slept with her in our bed twice. My child witnessed him doing this. By this time it was November, he finally had cut her off but she just wouldn’t take the hint. The texts still came and the calls still came in. I finally confronted her and of course she was just as ghetto as she could be. I even went as far as to go to the school one night to confront her but she hid and wouldn’t come out. I eventually got her on the phone again She still thought she had done no wrong. She made up all kinds of lies and come to find out she was married and was also sleeping with other married men as well. She is a predator of married men and is still going around Columbus and Phenix City Al.

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By Ronald

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