Rachelle Hunt Licursi (Shelly) California California


My now ex husband met Shelly when they both worked in the same job but different locations. He was at Camp Pendleton and she was in 29 Palms. She had a live in boyfriend at the time and had just gone through second divorce. Shortly after they met they began meeting halfway between Oceanside and 29 Palms to have sex in their respective vehicles on the side of the freeway. This is where she fell in love with him .. How romantic right? So after I caught them for a second time after he left his 12 year old outside of a school for hours while he screwed his home wrecking who’re on the side of the road. They then planned to meet at a convention that they both planned to attend on the”governments” dime. When I found out I informed his employer and they cancelled his trip. She went and sent pathetic emails saying she wished he was there so she”could fuck him over and over” She continued to pursue him even after he told her to stop. DESPERATE?.. More than I knew. So I drove to 29 Palms to speak with her and when I saw”her” I could hardly keep a straight face. I honestly thought she was a man and in desperate need of some skin tucks. I asked her to leave my husband alone and she gave me a sob story about her failing relationships…like I cared. I begged both of them to stop because a young girl was ultimately going to be the one to lose. That same young girl finally told me one night that her”Dad” was using a prepaid cell to continue to contact her and had been for some time. All hell broke loose. We were no longer a couple and a young girl was destroyed. || This homewrecker still didn’t stop. She proceeds to move to the Temecula area where my daughter and I lived and moved into a house with my ex less than four miles from my daughters school and on the same street with friends of my daughter. Needless to say middle school was miserable for my daughter. My ex became a deadbeat dad…why? He can’t understand why his daughter resented the homewrecker and why his daughter was so devastated that they would live in the same town. Humiliating to say the least. He then starts coming to my home and we began sleeping together. We even took a trip to Vegas and were meeting in parking lots and restaurants. Karma is something… || After she caught him with me in Vegas he went on a sex strike .. So he told her. He was meeting me in the neighborhood across the street while she was in class. He even talked to her on the phone while having sex with me and laughed about it. Irony is that then we go to court and he brings her but during his testimony where he talked about”everything” that happened, he made her stay outside. She is a smart one. She then doesn’t let him out of her site because the cheating on her was not okay.. Double standard. || He eventually stopped talking to his daughter at all for this home wrecking whore. First of all, what woman would be with a man who did all of the things he did and worse…stay with a man who would give up his kid for anyone. Shelly would and did. She has destroyed a family and then an innocent child. Irony is they deserve one another and looking at her it’s obvious why.

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By Ronald

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