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After 13 years of marriage to my soon-to-be-ex-husband Kyle Booth, has abandoned me and my children for Rachel Harris for the second time. The first time was in 2014 now he left me again for her in June of 2018. And it’s sick because she knows he was married both times and we have two children what’s crazy is this woman lives only 5 minutes away from me. So my mother raised me better than that and never to be second-best and no woman because I was his wife of 13 years and he’s already cheated on her 6 times with me his wife. He tells me they are not really engaged, she put a ring on her finger and he does not want to be with anybody because she cannot even satisfy him the way I can. She does not know how to pleasure him in ways that I can that’s why he keeps coming back to me and he does not want to ever get married again. Because I just had him served divorce papers last Friday at work you know what God says you reap what you sow and everything he’s done to me. || Rachel he’s already done back to you with his own wife. So you being The Psychotic dumb b**** that everybody sees you as it’s already been done back to you pay back is a b****. And Karma is so sweet it will come back and both bite both of you in the ass. Rachel you are pretty desperate to take someone’s husband two times so if you think he can do this to his wife of 13 years what the he’ll do you think he’s going to do to you? And he already has! He uses you for your truck, your money any lie to your family cuz my family to not stand him cuz of his lying cheating ways. That’s okay because you’ll find out in the end and everything I told you was true last time I was with my husband was on September 28th and we enjoyed the hell out of each other and we sat there and made fun of you because you won’t dance with him, you won’t drink with him and you don’t know how to suck d!ck and satisfy him….and but the way Rachel Harris… he’s still my Husband, so I don’t feel guilty about sleeping with him when ever I want to…

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By Ronald

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